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February 19, 2019front-endreactjs, gatsbyjs, graphql


Welcome to HeadForCode my small consultancy business that helps people learn more about how they can utilise the latest technologes to underpin their business, whether it is for the development of websites, applications across a broad range of devices, the IoT, the cloud or AI and Machine Learning (the hottest topics right now) - I hope I can help in some way.

My business aims to help educate other developers (like myself) by offering mentoring online, via this website as it evolves from what it is today, a simple blog to helping organisations or businesses work on projects. I come from a contracting background and whilst I still do that, I am looking to branch out in the years to come, to work in a different way entirely.

So this post marks the beginning of a journey, which is partly a continuation of where I was already heading and a certain element of mystery too. How do we know where we shall be in another ten years time with the pace of change in technology rising exponentially, year on year? Moore’s Law says, “The number of transistors in an integrated circuit board doubles about every two years” and I feel that this observation can also apply to cloud technologies, their programming languages and frameworks in a sense.


Please feel free to follow HeadForCode via any of the social media links below, as this project will evolve a lot over time and I shall announce new posts on Twitter etc. So please follow @headforcode which is my Twitter ID.

nick lewis

Nick Lewis - I’m a front-end web developer, photographer, writer and content creator. Follow me at @headforcode if you want to be informed about new articles. I am constantly on the look out for new material and inspiration!