Coming up on HeadForCode

Our plans for the weeks ahead

Updated 6th June 2020

Hope you are all ok? I've not updated HeadForCode for a long old time but going to get cracking again this coming week. During the lockdown, it has been a case of staying in 100% and work has dried up. Its been tough but HeadForCode isn't the place to dwell on all of this except the cool side of it. What cool things have I read about these past 3 months? Loads and I am eager to get productive with this website.

3 months back this was the plan

  • Profiling great GitHub repos we find and projects you can either make use of to start your own or perhaps to contribute towards through various open source opportinities out there.
  • We revisit some of the fundamentals in JS, HTML and CSS to recap
  • JAMStack

Still is the plan but I want to add to all of this

  • Django, Flask and Python - for those deeper projects
  • .NET Core - for the contracts out there