Giving Django a go!

I tried Django some years ago and then like a lot of things where you follow tutorials, you lose interest and move on to other things. This was not to say I didn't like Django, far from it, I like what I saw. Mind you that may have been a few years ago. So the fact that I've come back to it recently with a serious consideration to add it to my professional toolbox, says a lot. It's maybe not as sexy as React, Vue, Gatsby etc but it is a rock solid, established framework, that is it's mature and grown up. It will be around for many years to come.

Virtual environment and deployment nightmares

I have had no end of problems with getting a reliable virtual env running, mainly because there are so many variants you can choose from. In the end I solved this nightmare by following the article at

  • Walk through how I set up my virtual environment
  • How I use my venv on a day-to-day basis
  • mkvirtualenv $(basename $(pwd)) for example

Start a new Django site

  • Finally articles to follow from this - deployment and hosting - building more than a standard site - working with Tailwind in Django

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